Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's at it Again!

Well, sister Joey is at it again.  The other day I received an invitation.  It read: "Ugly Sweater Ornament Party...bring 2 ornaments and wear your ugliest sweater.  This is a girls only party."  Well, I couldn't find a terribly ugly sweater at my favorite thrift store, but I sure did find some ugly pants.  Get this...they're Tommy Hilfiger,  honest!  I can show you the label (and did, repeatedly last night).  I'm not sure on which planet these are considered stylish, but I am pretty sure I don't reside there.  Anyway, this is what I looked like when I left.  When I asked Noel to take my picture, he said, "You mean, outside?"  as if I would scare the neighbors or something.  I figured I would make a splash at the party, though.  I am pleased with how the whole ensemble went together.  The bow matching my hair was not intentional, but a nice surprise none the less.

 You can see by these pics, that clearly, I was not the only one who got into the spirit of the party.  Get a load of Jenny's crazy vest, coordinated perfectly with her socks and poinsettia sweater.

An amazing sweater dress and tights,
80's style!
Lisa and the twelve days of Christmas graphically represented on her sweatshirt. 

And niece Rachel proudly showing off her teddy bear coat and her expanding belly at the same time.
Well, after a few munchies and quite a bit of wine, the ornament exchange got started.  Somehow, we all had to shoot pool using this miniature pool table and it had to do with where our birthdays fell in the year and if we got a ball in the pocket we got to choose a gift-wrapped ornament. And then some people shot pool for folks who couldn't be there and, well.... I really didn't ever get the gist of the game, but everyone ended up with an ornament and seemed happy with what they got (but I'm not sure how much of that was due to the wine.)

And just when I was getting comfortable in the kitchen chowing down on more of Joey's incredible appetizers, they started another game.  By that time I had been able to down another glass of wine and I truly never got the idea of this one, but I think they made up the rules as they went along because there seemed to be quite a bit if discussion surrounding the play.  It seems like we were to roll dice that were handed around on paper plates and doubles meant you got to choose a wrapped ornament and then they brought out little timers and we did it all again and some people got their ornament taken away, but in the end everyone had a smile on their face and an ornament in their hand.  So, I think all is well. 
At least I know that I'm happy because Rachel and I got the prizes for being the best dressed at the party. 

I'd like to dedicate my award to Tommy, for being such an incredible designer.

Before Noel and I got married he said, "Okay, I want to formally bequeath to you all of my friends and family.  They will be loyal to you for the rest of your life, just as they stood by me no matter what I did."  Little did I know what a gift he gave me that day.  I would not trade this goofy, chaotic, noisy, sometimes overwhelming, incredibly loving family for all the gold in China.


  1. Wow, Mom, you really pull that off! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Loved that you were able to come and then wrote about it. Your outfit is priceless! Well, worth the $2.50! Next year Aubrey will have to come! I shared your blog with people who weren't able to come and they loved it.

  3. As you can tell Joey, I had a terrific time. Thanks for a great party. Although, I overpaid for my pants. Went back to the thrift store today and all Christmas apparel was 50% off. Could have had those babies for $1.25. Dang!!