Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Continuing Story of Miss M

Many of you continue to ask after granddaughter Margot's health.  Thank you for your concern and well wishes.

We were delighted that she was able to join us just after Christmas for a couple of days.  And we're even more delighted that she is doing quite well, indeed.  She continues to need oxygen at night and when being chauffeured around town.  She also continues with the sleep apnea monitor at night....peace of mind for Mama and Daddy, I'm sure.  She is almost off her anti-seizure medicine now.  Another "sleep study" is scheduled for April.  It was supposed to be at the end of January, but the sleep center is booked up until Spring.  Hopefully she will then be breathing well enough to no longer need oxygen at all.  

She is a quite wonderful toy and we
all enjoyed playing with her and dressing her up. 

She suffered through many a photo session, although she jealously guards her smiles when a camera is in the vicinity, preferring to stare intently at the lens. I'm sure she's just practicing for her hat modelling career.

But, I finally got a shot of those little rosebud lips curved into a smile.

We all look forward to the day when the patches that hold her nasal cannula in place can be removed forever. Then we can kiss those sweet, soft cheeks.  No matter, she is getting what she needs right now...we can wait. 

And we breathe a little sigh of relief when we think of how differently it could have gone if she didn't have such knowledgeable, experienced folks who had a hand in her care. 

We know that angels hover over her continually and again, we breathe a sigh of relief in this knowing. We loved having you here, our sweet baby.   (Too bad my ransom note didn't work.)


  1. I sure did have fun with you, baby Margot! I especially love the green hat!

  2. It was a lot of fun!! Wish we could have stayed longer. Margot was truly a great model!

  3. Please bring her back as soon as you can.