Monday, October 25, 2010

Gathering Days

The weather suits my mood perfectly.  Is that fog or are those clouds?  I never really can tell for sure.  All I know is that the sky is grey, muting even the oranges and yellows of this fall day.  I feel like flying low under this hanging sky.  I’ll quietly go through my day willing no one to notice me or talk to me.  I plan no great things for today; no major goals will be accomplished.  I expect no great bursts of energy and I’ll probably have no significant insights. 
I like it that way.  Days like today are for waiting, for going within to re-center.  They’re ordinary muted days, perfect for wearing fuzzy sweaters, eating chicken vegetable soup, and lingering over fond memories.  Days like today remind me of who I am.  They are the ordinary days that form the platform from which I can later launch myself into a new project, strike up a conversation with that girl at the coffee shop or act on those creative impulses.  But for now, today was meant for quiet, for gathering my thoughts, my energy, my strength.  It is a comfortable day gently unfolding underneath a comfortable sky.


  1. I may not be your first follower, but I AM your first commenter!
    I had this exact same kind of day today. Thank you for helping me see the beauty and purpose in days like this that seem to be such a waste sometimes.

  2. I have to admit these are my favorite days. I look forward to the times that the sun is hiding and I can go about my daily routine without the fear of the dreaded sunburn. The rain has been hard and fierce here in the Seattle area and I could love it more. I always love hearing your thoughts Mom. Love you.