Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Snow

We received our first snow of the year last week, and I just had to pull to the side of the road to start this essay right then and there.  In the meantime, we had an arctic blast knock us with wind chills in the minus 30's and several more light snows.  Winter can be fierce, but at the same time it is wonderful.  Then, again last night, we had another couple inches that gave us a thicker down comforter.  Not everyone enjoys these months as much as I do, but that's okay.

It snowed last night.  We woke to a soft, hushed world.  It happened all in a few hours, this transformation.  Yesterday, the world was full of color; brown and yellow grasses, green pine branches against a light blue sky…the colors of autumn.  But, this morning as I looked out my window, I knew that winter had come suddenly and silently in the night, changing all that I see into a black and white photograph.
I love spring, but it emerges slowly.  It announces its arrival with whispers--the first crocus, the swelling buds on the tree, the gradual turning of grass from brown to green, the return of the birds one by one as their songs wake me, singing at my window.  Spring is not sneaky.
But, winter snows come quickly, solemnly and insistently. They envelop my world in a quiet, monochromatic and peaceful way.  And in an instant, my thoughts turn.  “Where are my snow boots?”  “Did you shovel the walk?” “I guess this means I’m done working in the garden.” 
This snow also softens the corners of my mood and my day.  I see with different eyes.   And as I make my way through this lovely, postcard day I, too am changed. 
 In an instant. 

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