Monday, November 21, 2011

Joy (three)

Many of you know that I celebrate the entire month of November as my birthday month.  I never understood the philosophy of "Don't make a fuss over my's just like any other day."  Where the heck does that come from?  Why not celebrate that we are alive?  Why not stand up and cheer that we have lived another year?  I jump up and down and announce that it's my birthday to anyone who will listen. 

To that end, I hosted a birthday celebration weekend.  Daughter, Aubrey came with her husband Brad who is recently back from Iraq.   

They brought grandsons Jake and Christian. 

Making chicken soup
 Youngest son, Casey and his wife Kylene also came with Miss Margot in tow. 

And as a bonus, Noel's daughter Lisa brought our new little grandson, Luca. 

Champagne poached salmon with vanilla sauce...yum!!!

We prepared and ate tons of food, Aubrey made a cake that took hours of work and was sprinkled with lots of love, Kylene cooked some kick-ass chicken soup and we even had a wine-tasting (the bottle of wine cost more than fifteen whole dollars!) 

Pumpkin brandy cake
I put out my beads and jewelry stuff and everyone made me a special piece of jewelry. 

As you can see, Aubrey and I practiced using our new cameras.

Jake and Aubrey

Games were played, books were read, hands were warmed by the fire and the sound of laughter and children's squeals of delight rose to the rafters. 
Margot and her Uncle Brad

Noel getting some baby snuggles

In other words, it was a simply perfect birthday.  Good food, handmade jewelry, grandchildren's laughter...these simple things bring me infinite joy.

Here's wishing you and yours a simply joyful holiday season.


  1. It WAS a fabulous weekend! Enough memories were made to last at least until November 1st, 2012! Aubrey

  2. what a beautful month......and the blessings of family..

    Happy,happy we are all sooo blessed..Love,Mandy