Sunday, August 28, 2011

Joy (two)

I'd often call my mother when my kids were fussy or sick.  "What should I do?", I would ask in a plaintive, whiny voice. 

Her reply, in a matter-of-fact voice, would invariably be, "Give them a bath."

Casey, Aubrey and Joe in an old wood-fired hot tub (1986).
Joe (1979)

In the bathtub...why did they always line up according to age?

It usually worked to calm us all down.

I guess I took this to heart and maybe I expanded a bit because it's interesting how many of our family photos involve children in water. 

Grandson Jake, a water gun and a wash tub...a winning combination (2005).

I was thinking of this when granddaughter Margot visited a couple of weekends ago.  I cleaned out the old wash tub, Casey filled it with water and let it warm in the sun, and in she went. 


Simple Joy.

I wonder...what brings you joy?

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