Monday, January 17, 2011

Ultimate Fish Tacos

Okay, I love fish tacos.  And over the years I have tried many different kinds.  When I lived in Missoula, we had a take out restaurant a few blocks down the street that had wonderful fish tacos.  I was in a funk for weeks when they went out of business and it turned into one of those Payday Loan places.  Where's the justice?  I've tried countless recipes and I order fish tacos whenever I see it on the menu.  For years I've been searching for the perfect recipe. Well, yesterday Noel and I found it. 

A few days ago I tuned into the Food Network right at the end of a half-hour segment of "Aarti's Party".  She had made fish tacos, and I decided I would try her recipe.  Well, when Noel suggested tacos for dinner last night I remembered the recipe and we tried it. 

I'm just sayin' that we reached fish taco nirvana last night.  Just sayin' it that it is the best recipe...a different and excellent take....different spices. But don't be afraid.  You will swoon.  Guaranteed.

 My intent was to take a picture of them as they were cooking, but they smelled so terrific and we just gave into the temptation of folding a couple up.  And then, I was going to take a picture of my second one before I dove in, but geez, it was just so good. 

I think I should get special consideration for being able to stop at this point.  I really considered taking a picture of the empty plate, but I do have some self-control!

Get the recipe by clicking here.


  1. I can not wait to try these! Maybe we should have these on Thursday instead of the talapia we talked about...

  2. Sounds good to me. I'm excited to share them with you!